Online Casino Bonuses

Online casinos often offer a variety of different bonuses to get more players interested. They offer things like sign up bonuses, welcome bonuses, bonuses for playing so much, bonuses for betting a certain amount, and for many other reasons.

Welcome Bonuses

To get more players interested in playing on their sights a lot of online casinos offer what is called a Welcome Bonus. Once you signup you will receive the bonus as a thank you for wanting to play their games. The amount of the welcome bonus varies from site to site. Some casinos offer a $15 welcome bonus, while others offer up to $1000. Different casinos also have different rules on if you can cash out your bonus too. You are sometimes allowed to cash it out, while other times you cannot but you can however cash out any earning made from playing with your bonus.

Slot Bonus

Online slot machines are offered at various online casinos. They are designed to be much like the slot machines you would find in an actual casino. You often get the same thrill when you win because the graphics light up and real slot machine sounds are made. Once you visit an online casino sight you will find if a bonus for slots is available under the slot tab. Incentives are often given for once you make your first deposit to play the slot machines.

Sites like 10bet Casino or bet365 Casino offer up to a $3000 bonus for your first deposit to play the slot machines.

High Roller Bonus

Online casinos like to reward their high roller players, or players who like to play BIG, with some pretty juicy bonuses. This also encourages others to play big also. Once you deposit a certain amount of money, say $750 for example, you are rewarded with a nice bonus that varies from each site. Some sites reward players with a $2000 bonus, while others could possibly even be more. You should be able to find the different bonuses offered under the promotion or bonus tab on the website you are on.

Weekly Bonuses

Quite a few online casinos also offer different weekly bonuses. They could have things such as get double the chips on a certain day of the week or deposit a certain amount of money and be rewarded with a 100% bonus. They can also have different weekly bonuses on specific games. So make sure to keep check if your favorite game is on the list. This is also information that you should be able to find on their website in the bonus or promotions area.

Online casinos always have different bonuses available to their players. It is a great way to get more people involved by offering some great rewards. Different sites offer different bonuses; they are not always the same. Be sure to check out the promotions page or bonus page on your favorite online casinos sites to see what is being offered. You could be missing out on a lot of awesome incentive and not even know it.